As a young person struggling with addictions and homelessness for much of his teenage years, Mike was on a path of no return.

His life, until recently, consisted of not being able to accomplish many of his goals due to the instability of his life patterns, and the frequent hospital visits related to his use of substances. In an attempt to cope with childhood trauma and feelings of unworthiness, substance use provided temporary comfort and an escape from the reoccurring negative thoughts and triggers.

All this changed after he became part of the Home for Good Program. We were able to provide a safe and welcoming home for this young person and get him into a treatment program. Immediately following the program, he was able to alter the course of his life and is now on track to fulfill his full potential.

Since moving into a new home several months ago, Mike has not had any hospital visits related to substance use. He has also been visiting the gym regularly to work out, attending daily AA meetings, as well as church and bible studies. He is meeting with his Case Manager regularly and has just begun working with a Financial Support Worker and Concurrent Disorders Worker, who are all part of the Home for Good Collaborative. His substance use has drastically decreased, and he is willing to access any support system available that can help him achieve his life goals. Mike’s now on a path to accomplish many of his goals and is in the process of developing skills that are helping him be independent. All this thanks to having a place to call home and a team of support staff to help guide him along the way.