Ally came to Our Place seeking refuge from her family home, where she was residing with extended family members.

Ally had moved in with these relatives as a new arrival to Canada, not having met them before. Ally and her family from back home had trusted she would be safe with them. But as Ally settled into life in Canada, she started to come into conflict with her extended relatives as they began to disagree on topics related to culture and religion. These conflicts became increasingly frequent and challenged Ally’s mental health and well-being. Recognizing that it was an unhealthy environment, Ally made the difficult decision to leave her family and go off on her own, which brought her to Our Place.

When Ally arrived at Our Place, she spoke very little English and required the support of a translator at times to navigate conversations with staff. As a result, Ally appeared quiet and reserved. However, despite language barriers, Ally soon started to break out of her shell and began making connections both with staff and other residents. She also obtained employment in alignment with her goals and was connected to newcomer services, including ESL lessons, while residing at Our Place. Ally recognized that the supportive environment that she found at Our Place was positive for her emotional and mental wellness, as well as her personal growth. In recognition of this, she applied for Transitional Housing in the community, and was accepted into the one year program shortly after. While in the one year program, she has continued with her goals of working and applying to post-secondary schools, while also continuing to improve her English proficiency and build her life in Canada.