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Many youth arrive at Our Place Peel without hope for the future. Their low self-esteem and poor decision making skills are compounded by the struggles of adolescence and feelings of loss and loneliness.

We give youth a nutritious meal and warm place to sleep but so much more. Our caring role models and counselors strive to rebuild confidence, teach life skills and help youth complete their education, choose a career and find a job.

emergency youth shelter

Adolescence and young adulthood are difficult enough without adding homelessness to the mix. The majority of youth who arrive at our emergency shelter are escaping abuse and dangerous situations which can have a devastating impact on their self-esteem, relationships and long-term health.

Our priority, as Peel Region’s only emergency shelter for youth, is to provide a safe alternative to as many youth as possible. Annually we provide safe shelter and counseling to over 550 youth. Unfortunately, we had to turn away 500 more due to lack of beds, even though we knew their options were few.

Located in Mississauga, Our Place Peel’s emergency shelter has 14 beds and is staffed 24 hours per day. Keeping youth in their own community is vital for maintaining their links to family, friends, school and employment.

Youth stay with us for an average of three weeks. During that time, our trained staff provides crisis counseling and referral services for ongoing clinical support and counseling. We also help youth develop and achieve realistic goals and facilitate family reconciliation, if appropriate.

Depression and suicide are rampant among street youth. At a time when many youth feel no one cares about them, we provide a supportive, empathetic environment to help them overcome the hurdles they’re facing and take responsibility for their future.

To refer a youth to our Emergency Shelter, please call 905.238.1383

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resource room

Every kid needs a caring role model – someone to listen, cheer her successes, help her up when she’s down and steer her in the right direction when she’s off course. Most kids who turn to Our Place Peel don’t have someone like that in their lives.

Our Resource Room, located in our Emergency Shelter in Mississauga, helps to fill that void.

Our Resource Counselor and college students on placement provide one-on-one counseling to any youth aged 16 to 21.

We offer workshops on topics these young people can use, such as budgeting, resumé and cover letter writing, interview preparation, employment standards, finding accommodation, and landlord and tenant issues.

Youth can also access free computer, Internet, photocopier, fax, and telephone services to assist with job or housing searches and information on a variety of other issues, community resources and agencies.

For more information about Our Place Peel’s Resource Room, please call 905.238.7578

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Transitional Housing Program

Located below the Our Place Peel Emergency Shelter in Mississauga, the Transitional Housing Program has 6 beds and offers youth an opportunity to have stable, supportive housing for a longer period of time. It's designed to build those skills youth are going to need to live independently.

Youth come to Our Place Peel with some difficult barriers to overcome. What do you do when you are going to school or are working and you need time to handle these issues? It takes time to build the life skills and confidence to live on your own. Being a youth also often means you have to wait for things like meetings with Immigration, or resolving legal issues or getting appointments with a doctor for a diagnosis. These issues can be huge barriers for youth success and often take time to resolve. The Transitional Housing Program is the answer.

Youth in Our Place Peel's Transitional Housing Program gives youth some time to focus on what's important. Youth can stay for up to 3 months and they have access to their own lounge, laundry facilities and computers to facilitate homework and job searching.

Our Place Peel has seen that youth who have more time are far less likely to need a shelter again and far more likely to move on and succeed.

For more information about Our Place Peel's Transitional Housing Program, please call 905 2381383.

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H.Y.P.E. (Helping Youth Prepare Effectively)

Helping people stay housed prevents them from being homeless. It's a simple idea that has a lot of impact. Our Place Peel's Helping Youth Prepare Effectively (HYPE) Program connects with youth living independently in the community who need help maintaining their housing. By helping to prevent the loss of their housing and working with youth on the barriers they may be experiencing Our Place Peel can prevent homelessness - and that's better for everyone.

Just because a youth has found a place to live and has moved away from the shelter does not always guarantee a successful transition. Many of our youth have no support from friends or family - so if things go wrong or they make a mistake - everything can be in jeopardy.

The HYPE Program staff are there to provide counseling and assistance to youth in the community who are at-risk of homelessness. This includes things like accompaniment to medical, legal, immigration or educational appointments, assistance in connecting with local community resources, landlord and/or roommate mediation as well as activities to reduce social isolation.

The staff assist youth to increase their life skills and their sense of personal independence. They help youth create social support networks within their home community and develop problem solving skills when and if a crisis occurs.

Our Place Peel sees this as a part of a long term solution to youth homelessness.

For more information about Our Place Peel's HYPE Program, please call 905 238 1383

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